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Is there a baby in your future?

Are you concerned about your future child developing one of the increasingly prevalent 4A childhood epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma & Allergies?

Well, you are right to be concerned.  The statistics are overwhelming :

    1 in 42 boys (1 in 68 children) have Autism
    1 in 7 boys and 1 in 14 girls have ADHD
    1 in 11 children have Asthma
    1 in 13 children have Food Allergies.

For Autism specifically, these statistics reflect a phenomenal 300% increase in just 11 years!  Rates of ADHD have been increasing 5% per year since 2003.  All the 4As are on the rise to the point of becoming childhood epidemics!

Is it possible to prevent the 4As?

Is there anything you can do to make sure your precious baby doesn’t become one of those statistics?

If you’re wondering these things, you’re in the right place.

Being a investigative nutrition consultant with two 4A children myself, a daughter reversing food allergies and a son reversing ADHD, I have done extensive research and study on the causes and treatment of these conditions.  When I discovered that there are common root causes among what have been termed the “4As” and saw the abysmal statistics and dramatic increases in the rates of the 4As, I made it my mission to help women understand that we know enough now to significantly reduce the risks of, if not outright prevent, these 4A conditions.

So I have applied my talent for organizing information into workable plans, all my knowledge, experience and training to create the Conscious Conception Program, an innovative, interactive, online nutrition and wellness program for women before conception, specifically aimed at reducing the risks of having a 4A child.

By the end of the Conscious Conception Program, you will have systematically reduced your risks of having a 4A child and be 100% confident in your pregnancy preparedness.  You will likely be the healthiest you have been in your life.  You will have consciously prepared your body for its most awe-inspiring privilege of bringing forth a new life.  You’ll have the confidence in knowing that you’ve done the best that you could to bring a healthy, happy child into the world – a child free from the debilitating 4A childhood epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Allergies & Asthma.

Most Critical Risk Factor for a 4A Child:

State of the Mother’s Health BEFORE Conception

If you have heard one of my talks or seen my video series, then you know the #1 mistake that increases a women’s risk of having a 4A child is failure to prepare before conception.  But, how exactly do you prepare?

To guide you through that process, I’ve outlined 5 Areas of Pregnancy Prep that will be the focus of your preparation:

  1. Detoxing
  2. Building a Strong Inner Ecosystem
  3. Balancing Hormones
  4. Strengthening the Immune System
  5. Building Nutrient Stores

To address each of these important areas, the Conscious Conception Program is organized into three phases, with detailed focus to prevent mistakes #2 (Ignore the Inner Ecosystem) and #3 (Deny Detox):

10 weeks
We’ll touch on the 5 Areas of Pregnancy Prep with a strong emphasis on the Inner Ecosystem
8 weeks
We’ll move to the next level on the 5 Areas of Pregnancy Prep with a strong emphasis on Detox
6 weeks
We’ll move to the final level on the 5 Areas of Pregnancy Prep and focus on boosting fertility and a timely conception!

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn how to do in this
innovative, online Conception Conception Program:

    • Assess if you are ready for conception with the Pregnancy Preparedness Checklist
    • Assess your risk with the Red Flag Symptom Checkers for conditions of concern, including:
          • Sub-clinical thyroid issues (a major cause of infertility)
          • Candida (a major risk factor for Autism)
          • Liver function (reflects your ability to detox effectively)
          • Food sensitivities (a major risk factor for the 4As and contributor to a weak inner ecosystem)
    • Order functional lab tests based on your individual health history and symptoms
    • Avoid the most dangerous toxins linked to 4A development
    • Avoid Nutritional Bandit Foods that increase the body’s toxin burden and deplete nutrient stores
    • Eliminate toxins that have accumulated in your body over the years
    • Build a strong, inner ecosystem with a step-by-step guide to incorporating probiotic foods, drinks and supplements
    • Avoid substances that kill the beneficial bacteria in your gut
    • Build the most critical nutrient stores to support a healthy pregnancy for a 4A-free child
    • Know if supplements are necessary based on your individual health and if so, which will be most helpful when
    • Boost fertility: both yours and your partner’s
    • Use natural family planning methods for a timely conception when you’re ready

And, as it turns out, your preparation to prevent the 4As also happens to:

    • Boost your fertility, addressing common causes of infertility
    • Reduce your risk of miscarriage
    • Ensure a more comfortable, smoother pregnancy
    • Achieve your ideal weight, naturally!

Those are some pretty sweet bonuses!

  • Alarming 4A Childhood Epidemic Stats:
  • Autism: 1 in 42 boys; 1 in 68 children
  • ADHD: 1 in 7 boys; 1 in 14 girls
  • Asthma: 1 in 11 children
  • Allergies: 1 in 13 children

The Conscious Conception Program is perfect for you if:

  • You are in any of these life stages:
      • You are preparing for your first child in the next 0-5 years
      • You have already been challenged by infertility
      • You already have a child/children, perhaps with one of the 4As
      • You already have a child/children who isn’t old enough yet to determine 4A symptoms and want to put the odds in your favor for your next child
  • You don’t want to waste time fumbling about, reading and researching all kinds of references about how to reduce the risks of a 4A child
  • You have an open mind and are willing to try new things
  • You are ready for a step-by-step solution that will best prepare you for the awe-inspiring task of bringing a healthy child into the world
  • You want to do the very best you can to ensure that your child will not suffer from one of the 4As

This program is NOT for you if:

    • You prefer to just “wing it” and are creep-ed out about planning for conception
    • Are willing to take your chances (~1 in 30) of having a 4A child
    • Prefer to wait until problems develop and then try to fix them
    • Aren’t willing to try new things or have an open mind
    • Aren’t willing to take a few months to prepare for one of the most important tasks of your lifetime


 Overview of Features in the Conscious Conception Program



Details on Program Delivery

The program is delivered in 3 phases:

  • Phase I: Focus on Inner Ecosystem is 10 weeks.
  • Phase II: Focus on Detox is 8 weeks.
  • Phase III: Ready, Set, Go! is 6 weeks.

Once you register, you will be given access to the online Conscious Conception Program Portal hosted on JigsawBox.  You will have immediate access to the first module – so you can get started right away. Once the class begins, a new training module will be released each week.  The modules may contain video screencasts, handouts, downloadable forms (including things like a health intake and Red Flag Symptom Checkers), action steps/exercises and/or a series of questions to answer (and to ask) after viewing the material.  Don’t worry, each module should take less than a hour.  (Occasionally there will be some surprise bonus modules delivered later in the week as well!)  As you proceed through the program, share your experiences with others in the program in our private Conscious Conceptioners Facebook Group.

In the Conscious Conception Plus program, whenever you upload a form, answer a question or submit a question, I will be notified via email.  Then I can enter my responses and you will in turn be notified via email.  We will interact throughout the program. I will develop your personalized Blueprint for 4A-Free Conception, which will include lab test recommendations based on your health history. Additionally, you have eight 30-minute  1:1 phone consultations to schedule as desired as you proceed through the program. 

In the Conscious Conception Self-Study version, I encourage you to still upload the forms and respond to the questions for your own benefit, even though the self-study version is not interactive. 

BONUS: Lifetime Access!

Once you purchase a program/phase, you get lifetime access to that program/phase! So, even if you’re not ready to have a baby just yet, you can educate yourself on the “how to prepare” now and review the program when you are ready!


Research has shown that people who undertake any diet or exercise program have more success if they do it with a friend.  Since I want to give you that same advantage with the  Conscious Conception Program, I make it easy to join with a friend with my Refer-a-Friend Discount.  Register for the Conscious Conception Program, send me your friend’s email address and I’ll extend her an invitation with a 50% discount coupon code.  Now you can share your experience with a friend!


I stand so solidly behind my work that I want to make it completely risk free for you.  I offer a 100% money back guarantee for a full 60 days after the purchase date.  If you put forth the effort, participate fully and you honestly feel the program hasn’t provided value, send me an email and I’ll refund your money to you.

I look forward to working with you!



P.S.  Please don’t miss this risk-free opportunity to enter pregnancy 100% confident that you’ve done your best to reduce your risk of having a 4A child!  Do yourself a favor and make your decision now.  Even with the best intentions, “thinking about it” leads to inaction.  Make a commitment and dive in!


Not the right time for you? No worries! Be sure to stay connected by signing up to be on my email list:


Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m not quite ready to have a baby, why should I do the program now?

Why wait to be the healthiest you’ve ever been? Depending on your current state of health, it may take a year, two years, or more to heal a leaky gut, balance blood sugar, balance hormones and detox fully. So it’s best to start while the class is available. Also, you get lifetime access to the program, so you can always re-visit the program when you are ready.

When will the next class start?

This Phase I class lasts for 10 weeks. Most likely, Phase II will be offered and then Phase III before Phase I is offered again, but this may change depending on demand.

What if I become pregnant during the program?

You have the option to move to the Peaceful Pregnancy Program, if available, at a pro-rated registration fee.  If you are in the Conscious Conception Plus program we will make appropriate adjustments as you continue through the program. 

Do I need to stop birth control?

Eventually, of course. :) The question is when? We will discuss options as part of the course and you can make the decision based on your situation and when you feel comfortable doing so.

Can I do this program as a Vegan?

Yes.  This program is very adaptable and can accommodate a Vegan lifestyle.

Is this program Paleo-friendly?

Yes.  This program is very adaptable and can accommodate a Paleo lifestyle.

How long does the program take?

The full program is designed to last 6 months: 10 weeks for Phase I, 8 weeks for Phase II and 6 weeks for Phase III. However, it may take you more time than that depending on your health status and your drive to move forward. Remember that you have lifetime access to the program once purchased, so you can work on different aspects of the program as needed.

Other questions?  Email me!

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