5 Simple Ways to Detox Outside the Box

I love Spring!  Birds singing, trees and flowers blooming…  “Spring Cleaning” the house – (well, maybe not that one)…  It’s also a natural time to cleanse your body.  This is one reason why detox programs are most popular in the Spring.  If you’re looking to do a little Spring cleaning yourself, it doesn’t have to be a major ordeal.  It doesn’t have to mean a box of supplements to “clean you out” (Detox in a Box) and it doesn’t have to mean starving yourself as you subsist on juice for 3 days. Detoxing really just means getting rid of toxins, which come in many forms.  It can be really simple and still be effective.  In fact, too much detoxing all at once can actually make you very sick.   Consider these tips for a gentler Detox –  Outside the Box.

5 Simple Ways to Detox Outside the Box:

1.  Consider 5 minutes of deep breathing.  Stress is probably our #1 toxin.  Consider what you can do to reduce, diminish or avoid stress in your life.  Just 5 minutes of deep belly breathing with your eyes closed can reset your balance, reduce anxiety and get you back to calm.

2.  Think about chemical exposure.  Don’t think you’re around chemicals much?  How about your personal care products: make-up, facial cleansers, lotions, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, nail polish, etc.?  How about cleaning products: bleach, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, wood cleaner, etc.?  Then there’s new carpet, new flooring, new furniture, and dry cleaning to name a few.  Think about how you can reduce this toxic load by choosing more natural products.

3.  Eliminate HFCS and hydrogenated oils.  If you haven’t already, just eliminating these two health dangers can significantly detoxify your life.

4.  Go organic.  Pesticides on produce and antibiotics and steroids from factory-farmed animals are a big source of toxins.  Choose organic meat and dairy or at least buy from a local farmer you trust.  For produce, prioritize by going organic for the Dirty Dozen listprovided by the Environmental Working Group.

5.  Drink plenty of clean water.  You’ll need that water (about 64oz/day) to help flush out those toxins, but be sure it’s filtered.  Chlorine and fluoride from tap water are toxic to the body and only add your toxic load.

See?  It doesn’t have to be complex.  Start your own gentle detox to give your body a well-deserved Spring Cleaning.

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