8 Steps to a Health Breakthrough

Here’s a journalling exercise to set yourself up for success in creating a Health Breakthrough. Amazingly, simply writing it all down gives it more power:

  1. Clarity. Be very clear on what it is you plan to achieve. How will you go about it exactly?
  2. Build your case. What do you no longer want to experience? Why? What do you want to experience instead? Why? How would that feel? The deeper you can go with this, the more inspired you will be.
  3. Plan ahead. Write down what circumstances or events might trip you up. For each one, brainstorm on what you could do to avoid or rise above those challenges.
  4. Elicit support & set up accountability. Who do you want to support you in your efforts? How can they support you? Who will you be accountable to? In what way? Communicate this and set up agreements.
  5. Address possible resistance to achieving your goal. You may be surprised to find a negative aspect to achieving your goal. What concerns do you have if you actually achieve your goal?
  6. Address any ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts). Sometimes just stating your goal, brings up pessimistic thoughts in the back of your mind. Write them down and turn them around.
  7. Account for setbacks. What will you do if you have a setback? Will you throw in the towel until next year? Remind yourself that there is no failure, only feedback.
  8. Act as if. Visualize how it would feel to accomplish your goal. Everything works out perfectly and you’ve finally accomplished it. Really feel into it. Who are you being in that vision? If you can activate that feeling with only your imagination, what keeps you from living as if you were the person in that vision today?

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